Pacific Union “All God’s People,” November 4, 2022 S6 E37


Every year in November, Native American Heritage Month is celebrated to honor the remarkable Native Americans who have contributed so much to improve the character of the nation.
It is the time to rejoice in diverse and rich cultures, histories, and traditions and to appreciate the great contributions of Native Americans. This month allows us to spread awareness of the tribes and educate people about the various challenges faced by Native Americans in the past and today. 
The Pacific Union is home to approximately 1.3 million Native Americans. Many live on reservations without modern conveniences. Our union has six missions focused on reaching Native Americans. The churches that minister to these communities have adapted their outreach in creative ways. In the past five years, there have been 40 baptisms as a result of these efforts. There have also been over 30 mission trips to these sites.

We are so proud of Holbrook Indian School—a first- through twelfth-grade boarding academy providing Native American children and youth a safe place to live, learn, and grow for more than 75 years. Located in Holbrook, Arizona, Holbrook Indian School is operated by the Pacific Union Conference. HIS also manages a first- through eighth-grade day school on the Navajo reservation in Chinle, Arizona. 80% of funding comes from individuals who have a desire to make a positive change in Native American communities.

October was Clergy Appreciation Month. If you neglected to say thank you to your pastor last month, anytime is a perfect time to do it. With Thanksgiving around the corner, why not take some time to let your pastor know how much you appreciate them. 

To all our pastors in the Pacific Union Conference, thank you!