Pacific Union “All God’s People,” June 4, 2021 S5:E20


Today, we’ve reached a milestone – our 200th episode of All God’s People!

Little did we dream on May 17, 2017—when we began sharing our weekly video round up of news and inspiration from across the Pacific Union—that we’d be here 200 episodes later…with more incredible stories from our schools and churches and institutions and members than ever! One source for the stories we share is Pacific Sunrise, a twice-weekly email newsletter.

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Nevada-Utah Conference

During the pandemic, Summit Christian Academy’s 3rd- and 4th-graders got to see firsthand why washing your hands matters! Using lotion mixed with glitter, students were able to observe how “germs” transfer after shaking hands—and how a thorough hand-washing with soap and water removed the glitter. What a great lesson at this time, when the importance of good hand hygiene matters so much!

Arizona Conference

Recently, the education department of the Arizona Conference started a new "camp" for their 7th- and 8th-graders called "GRIP." The acronym is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:21: "Test everything. Hold on to everything that is good." Each letter represents lessons for holding onto what is good when making decisions and helps introduce young people to using the Bible.

Hawaii Conference

People often think life in Hawaii must mean living in paradise; however, underlying difficulties with the education of young people can make it less of a paradise. Many high school graduates in Hawaii do not pursue higher education due to financial constraints, family responsibilities, or fear of living outside of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Mission Academy is seeking to bring career pathways to its students that will encourage them and bring hope. The school is currently piloting a Medical Assistant program, which started at the beginning of the semester.

Northern California Conference

There’s nothing like a great spelling bee, and Orangevale SDA School in Northern California recently held a socially distanced one. Each classroom held its own preliminary contest, and one winner from each grade participated in the final event. It took 19 rounds to declare a winner. Sixth-grader Liann Wagner won by correctly spelling yeoman. Her name will be included on a plaque in the school office, which displays all the spelling bee winners since 1994.

Central California Conference

What started as a simple idea in Central California has grown into a flourishing community farm that is building strong relationships! You would never know it from the street, but between the Templeton Hills church and school, a little farm sits on what used to be a soccer field. With the help of a grant from the Pacific Union Conference, the farm started with one hoop house, a small greenhouse, and some outdoor row crops. A month before the farm was ready to open to the public, the pandemic shutdowns began. But amid the lockdown, the Templeton Hills Farm became a place of peace for so many people. Since the farm opened it has gained another hoop house, and more plans for expansion are in the works. On April 18 this year, the farm celebrated its one-year anniversary!

Southern California Conference

Mrs. Negrete and her Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have been learning about the butterfly life cycle in recent weeks. Mrs. Negrete was kind enough to invite all the classes at White Memorial Adventist School to come and watch the release of her students’ butterflies. And it was captured for the enjoyment of all on Facebook Watch! What a great lesson in transformation!

Southeastern California Conference

At Loma Linda Academy in the Southeastern California Conference, the mission for all students is to: Grow in God’s Grace; Thrive Intellectually; Develop True Friendships; and Embrace Healthful Living. Recently, the students made this video to say “Thank You” to their teachers.

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