Pacific Union "All God's People," June 14, 2024 S8 E12



Little did we dream on May 19, 2017, when we began sharing our weekly video roundup of news and inspiration from across the Pacific Union, that we’d be here 300 episodes later—with more incredible stories from our schools and churches and institutions and members than ever!

But seven years, eight seasons, and 300 episodes later, we’ve brought you over 900 stories of how God is working in the lives of students, teachers, ministries, local churches, pastors, and members all across the Pacific Southwest.

We have had the privilege of sharing stories from across a territory of 220,000 members, who live and worship in five states and seven local conferences—sharing in grief and loss, celebrating rebirth and healing, and encompassing everything in between. We have covered nurture and outreach, unique worship services, innovative evangelism strategies, social justice issues, women’s ordination, and religious liberty. We’ve featured feeding and shelter programs, outdoor kindergarten classes, student leadership conferences, and members celebrating milestone 100 th birthdays.

We’ve shared heartbreaking stories of tragedy, resilience, and hope—including the fire that destroyed Redwood Adventist Academy in 2017, the Camp Fire that so devastated the communities around Paradise, California, in November 2018, and the Maui fire in August 2023. We’ve marked the passing of beloved giants in the faith: Del Delker; Bailey Gillespie; healthcare pioneers like Drs. Coggin, Wareham, Slater, and Bailey; Elder Dan Jackson, and more.

And through it all, All God’s “People” have demonstrated their love and compassion, their faith and their hope.

We hope you enjoy this milestone All God’s People episode!