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Seeds For Life Garden Grows in Page, Arizona

It’s amazing how a community garden can change a church and provide evangelistic opportunities as well as great food and fun for children. Several years ago at the Page All Nations church, one young member felt inspired to apply for a $500 grant to start a little community garden at the church. When an individual in the community found out about the interest in starting a garden—and that the grant had been awarded to one of the other many applicants—they stepped forward to supply the funds to start the Seeds For Life Garden. The project has expanded every year and now includes a greenhouse, extensive gardens, gardening classes, and even a mini-farm enjoyed by children and adults alike. Thank you for being a witness in your community, Seeds for Life and Page church!

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Capitol City Church Operates as Summer Cooling Center for Sacramento's Homeless Residents

As part of their ongoing partnership with city and county agencies, Capitol City church in Sacramento opened as a cooling center once again last week to help combat the triple digit heat for the homeless community. Cooling centers are opened when forecast daytime temperatures reach over 105 degrees for three days. If the evening forecast is 75 degrees or higher, the facilities remain open at night. Thank you, Capitol City church, for your engagement in community health and wellness.

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Southern California Church Member Answers God’s Call at 93 Years Old

"It’s never too late to make a decision for Christ" is a sentiment that rings true for Margie Armstead, who at 93 years of age was baptized by profession of faith at Normandie Avenue church in March. Margie first became acquainted with Normandie church in 1999 through their Golden Ages seniors’ group. Soon, Armstead began serving as a pianist for Sabbath School and in other ministries that didn’t require membership. She faithfully served for more than 20 years before making a decision for baptism. Margie has a heart full of gratitude for being a part of Normandie for 21 years and being accepted so wholeheartedly by the congregation. Blessings to you, dear Margie! What an inspiration you are to All God’s People.

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Women's Ministries Emphasis Day – June 12

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day is an annual event on the church's Calendar of Days and Events.

COVID didn’t slow down ministry; it just moved it online. Local, conference, union, and division women’s ministries offered online and live webinars, retreats, seminars, and get-togethers. Zoom became a place where members and community gathered to talk, encourage, study, discuss books, and pray together. Tomorrow, Sabbath, June 12, is Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day and the annual offering appeal for Women’s Ministries. This year the theme is “Come See the Savior.”

Women's Ministries Offering
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

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“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

– Luke 1:45

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