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Calexico's Zoom Radio Show Class

When Bernardo Sámano first started delivering instruction online, it didn’t take him long to make up his mind about Zoom. As Religion and Spanish teacher at Calexico Mission School, Pastor Sámano knew it was hard to keep students engaged and paying attention on Zoom. So he had an idea—why not start a radio show? First, Sámano got a green screen to place behind him. He designed a background that looked like a studio and then found an upbeat instrumental song he could play as students join the class. He starts by welcoming everyone to XEKJ radio, La Voz de la Guajolota. When students talk to him, he picks up his phone to engage the student "calling in." Students can request special songs, which Sámano says connects the class as well. What an innovative way to keep his students engaged!

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La Sierra University Health Services, Virology Lab Join Forces in Fighting Covid

Public health officials have identified widespread testing as one of the best ways to help control the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives. In keeping with this guidance, La Sierra University has bolstered its disease detection efforts with the rollout of new, rapid-test equipment. In mid-January the university’s Student Wellness Services Department deployed a rapid point-of-care PCR Cepheid GeneExpert Express molecular testing system. It will function in conjunction with a saliva-based screening process developed last summer by Dr. Arturo Diaz, a virologist who studies positive-strand RNA viruses of which the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a member. The dual investment in rapid testing and the saliva-based process in Diaz’s biology lab allow the university to cast a wider net in confirming the presence of SARS-CoV-2. The university began offering weekly saliva-based testing to all staff, faculty, and students on Feb. 8.

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Chaplain Barry Black’s Prayers

Barry Clayton Black is the 62nd chaplain of the United States Senate. He began serving as Senate chaplain on June 27, 2003, becoming the first African American and first Seventh-day Adventist to hold the office. The Senate selected its first chaplain in 1789.

Chaplain Black is an outstanding speaker. His sermons at Adventist gatherings over the years have blessed us. But his prayers in the Senate during the past few weeks have moved an entire nation. On January 7, after the attack on the Capitol, his simple yet powerful prayer eloquently called us to remember that "words matter." Chaplain Black offers pointed spiritual guidance in his prayers, reminding members of the Senate that they are answerable to a higher calling than the demands of their base. They serve democracy and justice.

Last Friday, Feb. 12, Chaplain Black offered this prayer for the Senate jurors: "Lord, infuse them with the spirit of nonpartisan patriotism. Unite them in their effort to do what is best for America." He doesn’t preach doctrine; he urges integrity. Integrity and unity is a wonderful prayer, not just for senators, but for All God’s People.

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January 7 Prayer:

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Then Peter began to speak: "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right."
– Acts 10:34-35 NIV

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