TK-12 Schools

Many working parents look forward to the moment when their children are ready for school—rather than preschool—and the sudden relief from those burdensome monthly payments. It’s fair to wonder whether the significant expense of a Christian education is really worth the cost—and whether it’s the right thing for your family. Evidence suggests that faith-based elementary education provides distinct advantages to your children and your whole family. School treasurers pledge to do their best to make this education affordable to any family that wants it, always offering the most economical tuition package possible.

Our motto sums up our single most important goal. We are all about “Preparing students to be citizens of this world and the world to come.” Every single Adventist elementary school is staffed by caring men and women fully committed to the idea that heaven is a real destination, and that Jesus is the Savior and Friend of every child who seeks Him.

Adventist schools excel in academics, achieving high scores on standardized achievement tests, and boasting a strong curriculum focused on STEM achievement, such as robotics, as well as the arts and humanities. Frequently updated textbooks, like the fresh ByDesign science curriculum, offer the current and cutting edge information children need to develop critical thinking skills and curiosity about the world. The Word of God is integrated into all subject areas, and children explore the major themes of the Bible in a way that’s gracious and respectful of other faiths and perspectives.

Adventist education has always been focused on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. We don’t keep our heads in books all the time. Kids in Adventist schools are in choirs; they’re active in art classes and soccer leagues. They go on field trips and weekend mission adventures. They excel at water rafting and perform in chamber orchestras. Our kids are well-rounded, happily learning about their talents and strengths, and preparing for the next challenge with faith in God to help them achieve.

View a map of the schools of the PUC.

Adobe Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Cochise SDA Christian School (K-8)
Glenview Adventist Academy (K-8)
Maricopa Village Christian School (K-8)
Prescott SDA Christian School (K-8)
Saguaro Hills Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Thunderbird Christian Elementary (K-8)
Thunderbird Adventist Academy (9-12)
Verde Valley Adventist School (K-8)
Yuma Adventist Christian School (K-8)

Central California
Armona Union Academy (K-12)
Bakersfield Adventist Academy (K-12)
Central Valley Christian Academy (K-12)
Chowchilla SDA Elementary (K-8)
Dinuba SDA Elementary (K-8)
Foothill SDA Elementary (K-8)
Fresno Adventist Academy (K-12)
Hollister SDA Christian School (K-8)
Los Banos Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Miramonte SDA Christian School (K-8)
Monterey Bay Academy (9-12)
Mother Lode Adventist Junior Academy (K-10)
Mountain View Academy (9-12)
Peninsula Adventist School (K-8)
San Francisco Adventist School (K-8)
Sierra View Junior Academy (K-10)
Valley View Junior Academy (K-10)
VHM Christian School (K-8)

Adventist Malama Elementary School (K-8)
Hawaiian Mission Academy Ka Lama Iki (K-8)
Hawaiian Mission Academy Maui (K-8)
Hawaiian Mission Academy Windward Campus (K-8)
Hawaiian Mission Academy (9-12)
Kahili Adventist School (K-8)
Kohala Adventist School (K-8)
Kona Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Mauna Loa School (K-8)

Bishop Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Deamude Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Fallon SDA Elementary School (K-8)
Riverview Christian Academy (K-8)
Summit Christian Academy (K-8)
Susanville Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Vegas Valley Adventist Academy (K-10)

Northern California
ACES of Red Bluff (K-8)
ACS of Yuba City (K-8)
Bayside SDA Christian School (K-8)
Chico Oaks Adventist School (K-8)
Clearlake SDA Christian School (K-8)
Crescent City SDA School (K-8)
Echo Ridge Christian School (K-8)
El Dorado Adventist School (K-8)
Feather River Adventist School (K-8)

Northern California (continued)
Foothills Adventist Elementary School (K-8)
Fortuna Junior Academy (K-8)
Galt Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Hilltop Christian School (K-8)
Humboldt Bay Christian School (K-8)
Lodi SDA Elementary School (K-8)
Lodi Academy (9-12)
Middletown Adventist School (K-8)
Napa Christian Campus of Ed (K-12)
Orangevale SDA School (K-8)
PUC Elementary School (K-8)
PUC Preparatory School (9-12)
Paradise Adventist Elementary (K-8)
Paradise Adventist Academy (9-12)
Pine Hills Adventist Academy (K-12)
Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy (K-12)
Redding Adventist Academy (K-8)
Redwood Adventist Academy (K-8)
Rio Lindo Adventist Academy (9-12)
Sacramento Adventist Academy (K-12)
Tracy SDA Christian Elementary School (K-8)
Ukiah Junior Academy (K-10)
Vacaville Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Westlake SDA School (K-8)
Yreka Adventist Christian School (K-8)

Southeastern California
Calexico Mission School (K-12)
Desert Adventist School (K-8)
El Cajon SDA School (K-8)
Escondido Adventist Academy (K-12)
Laguna Niguel Junior Academy (K-8)
La Sierra Academy (K-12)
Loma Linda Academy (K-12)
Mentone SDA School (K-8)
Mesa Grande Academy (K-12)
Murrieta Springs Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Needles SDA School (K-8)
Oceanside Adventist Elementary School (K-8)
Orangewood Academy (K-12)
Redlands Adventist Academy (K-12)
San Antonio Christian School (K-8)
San Diego Academy (K-12)
Valley Adventist Christian School (K-8)
Victor Valley SDA School (K-8)

Southern California
Adventist Education Simi Valley (K-8)
Adventist Union School (K-8)
Antelope Valley Adventist School (K-8)
Conejo Adventist Elementary (K-8)
East Valley Adventist School (K-8)
Glendale Adventist Academy (K-12)
Linda Vista Adventist Elementary (K-8)
Los Angeles Adventist Academy (K-8)
Newbury Park Adventist Academy (9-12)
Ridgecrest Adventist Elementary (K-8)
San Fernando Valley Academy (K-12)
San Gabriel Academy (K-12)
South Bay Christian School (K-8)
West Covina Hills Adventist School (K-8)
White Memorial Adventist School (K-8)