Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Early childhood is such an important time of life. Small children are eager learners, soaking up everything they see and hear. Recent research shows that education in the early years is especially crucial for later success in life. Consider choosing one of the 35 bustling preschool centers situated within the Pacific Union Conference. Staffed by highly-trained and committed specialists in early childhood education, our preschools give your child the opportunity for a head start on academics and a unique chance to learn about the God who created them and loves them.

Wise parents from all kinds of faith backgrounds choose to invest wisely in their child’s irreplaceable early years by putting them in a safe and nurturing Christian environment. In addition to stimulating individualized instruction, your child will benefit from teachers and activity aides who comfort kids with hugs, Band-aids—and also prayers. Our preschools are non-judgmental learning environments where Jesus is daily portrayed as a caring Friend. All teachers are expertly trained and ready to inspire curiosity and faith. A new, tailor-made curriculum developed by the North American Division (NAD) has been piloted in several Pacific Union early childhood education centers. CREATION Kids is a faith-based, comprehensive, self-contained, digital curriculum that promotes the development of the whole child and provides guidance, support, and needed resources to meet the diverse needs of three-and four-year-old children.

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